Saturday, November 1, 2008

Et tu, Palin? | Palin 2012

A stiletto heel in the back? Speechless McCain, "Et tu, Palin?" Palin 2012 debate remix of Sarah Palin vs John McCain in heated campaign counseling with Jim Lehrer. The master mediator tries to uncover the root of the tension with the troubled, Maverick team: Palin needs to be at the head of the ticket. Get out of her way cor it's time for Palin 2012. Republicannibalism at its best.

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blogblogblog said...

LMAO!! What a great video
McCain squandered his lead as Barack and Hillary battled it out. By the time Barack received the presumptive nominee nod, McCain should have crafted a remarkable middle-America platform with real solutions for real issues. Instead he called in a fake plumber to fix the leaks. By the time he was matched up, he had already dropped the ball and had to steer away from issues, violating his past 2000 statements of trying to run positive campaigns. The saddest part of this was when he tried to salvage what little Maverick dignity he had left in his gracious concession speech it was met with boos and canned GOP cheers. Once the hate machine gets fired up, it's hard to turn it off. And guess who was smiling during those canned cheers? "You Betcha!" Et tu, Palin? So, while she's not to blame for her placement on the ticket and the lack of vetting, she is complicit in her willingness to play an integral part with her suggestive gestures and folksy innuendo in firing up Real America with a failed Southern Strategy 2.0. She played her hand and I think people are still trying to figure out if she fleeced an elephant when she was supposed to field dress a donkey. The only thing we do know is that she got a great wardrobe. She'd do well to "leave" it at Sen. Steven's house so they GOP lawyers can't find it.