Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bridge To No Underwear

Upon accepting the GOP VP nomination, Palin made a choice to tow the line for the McCain campaign. Despite having exhibited none of her current behavior in her campaign for Governor of Alaska, she has dutifully and dubiously followed their direction to "sexify" her candidacy with folksy innuendo and suggestive gestures all with the obvious intention of distracting the American public from the very real, national issues in need of articulated, visionary policy solutions. In a time a when America so desperately lacks true leadership, she has offered only hateful, sexist demagoguery. She has done a disservice to herself and our nation. Ms. Palin, McShame on you and the tragic farce that has become the McCain Campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Justin, this is amazing, and hilarious. I love it. You are the mad genius of Youtube political videos